Genocide and Margaret Chan, the Chinese government and the public health establishment

North Korea is a concentration camp. Its inhabitants are being systematically tortured and killed. Some are killed with bullets but most are being starved to death. This is being done at the behest and with the assistance of the Chinese government. Margaret Chan is using her power as Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to provide cover for the Chinese government to carry out this genocide. And the public health establishment is about to reward her for this with a second term as Director-General of the WHO (AFP, November 21, 2011).

Some facts:

1. North Korea contains concentration camps.

From: the Daily Mail Online, September 20, 2011

The North Korean government may deny their existence, but photos taken from space have revealed in unprecedented detail the concentration camps that are used imprison more than 200,000 citizens.

Men, women and children are forced to work seven days a week as slaves and eat ‘rats, frogs, snakes, insects’ and even faeces to battle starvation in the camps.

Previously there have been blurred images taken by satellite but new detailed pictures from South Korea’s Unification Ministry allow a closer look at the sites – and also prove they have grown.

Experts say the tens of thousands of prisoners at the camps are often taken from their homes or in the street for supposed ‘political crimes’ rather than actual misdemeanours.

Half of all the inmates will die of starvation or malnutrition with others dying because of fatal diseases that thrive in the squalid conditions.

This is if they are not killed by torture, firing squad, or a public stoning by Kim Jong-Il’s violent guards, former prisoners say.

One of the photos shows the Yodok camp, which holds an estimated 50,000 North Korean prisoners and is hidden in the mountains around 70 miles from the capital Pyongyang.


Amnesty International has compared the satellite images to those taken 10 years ago and confirms they are growing in size and branded them ‘hellish’.

‘The outside world certainly doesn’t know what’s going on and very little from the inside comes out,’ Sam Zarifi, from Amnesty International said last month.

From, December 9, 2011


In its campaign to exterminate hundreds-of-thousands of innocent North Koreans, one-third of them children, the DPRK security apparatus has employed every action defined as genocidal in Raphael Lemkin’s Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. These atrocities include but are not limited to: public executions, systematic torture, state-induced mass starvation, forced abortions, infanticide, and forcible transfer and imprisonment of children.


2. North Koreans in the concentration camps are being experimented on.

From Wikipedia:

Human experimentation was described by several North Korean defectors, including former prisoner Lee Soon Ok, former prison guards Kwon Hyok and Ahn Myung Chul, and others.[1] This testimony was corroborated by documents brought from Camp 22 in North Korea. In Lee’s testimony to the US Senate[2] and in her prison memoir Eyes of the Tailless Animals (published in 1999) she recounted witnessing two instances of lethal human experimentation. An episode of the BBC television programme This World[3][4] detailed some of the allegations.[5] The claims have been described as “plausible” by a senior US official.[6]

Lee described an experiment in which 50 healthy women prisoners were selected and given poisoned cabbage leaves. All of the women were required to eat the cabbage, despite cries of distress from those who had already eaten. All 50 died after 20 minutes of vomiting blood and anal bleeding. Refusing to eat the cabbage would allegedly have meant reprisals against them and their families.

Kwon Hyok, a former head of security at Camp 22, described laboratories equipped with gas chambers for suffocation gas experiments, in which three or four people, normally a family, are the experimental subjects.[7][8] After undergoing medical checks, the chambers are sealed and poison is injected through a tube, while scientists observe from above through glass. In a report reminiscent of an earlier account of a family of seven, Kwon claims to have watched one family of two parents, a son and a daughter die from suffocating gas, with the parents trying to save the children using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for as long as they had the strength. Kwon’s testimony was supported by documents from Camp 22 describing the transfer of prisoners designated for the experiments. The documents were identified as genuine by Kim Sang Hun, a London based expert on Korea and human rights activist.[3]

3. North Koreans in the general population are being systematically starved to death

From, December 9, 2011

Photographs of starving and emaciated North Korean children, published in October by Reuters Alertnet, confirm the testimonies of tens of thousands of North Korean refugees: Innumerable people are dying of starvation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The UN reports that over six million North Koreans, almost a quarter of the population, are at risk.

North Korea would not exist without the intervention of the Chinese government. This is historical fact. The North Korean government would have collapsed long ago without the direct support of the Chinese government. This is established fact (see Joel Brinkley’s article: “China is North Korea’s prime enabler” in the San Francisco Chronicle for details).

I have documented in many blogs (see below) how Margaret Chan’s career was supported by the Chinese government. In exchange, she has assidulously carried out their orders. In her various positions in public health, she has been a useful tool to hide their bad behaviour including with regard to infectious diseases like SARS and H5N1 influenza. However, the most egregious action she has taken as Director-General of the WHO was her support of genocide in North Korea. When she visited North Korea in May of 2010, she was asked about starvation in North Korea. Here is what she said (from MaximsNewsNetwork, May 1, 2010)

…one thing I recognized is that walking is quite well observed in that country, and I suggest that is why I didn’t see many obese people.

No mention of concentration camps. No mention of starving masses. She had the audacity to try to explain away the emaciation she observed with her own eyes by attributing it to healthy exercise. In response to a reporter’s direct question about the quality of health care in North Korea, Margaret Chan responded:

Now based on what I have seen I can tell you they have something which most other developing countries would envy. For example, DPRK has no lack of doctors and nurses, as we have seen in other developing countries where most of their doctors have migrated to other places. But DPRK has enough doctors and nurses, they have a very elaborate health infrastructure, starting from the central to the provincial to the district level.

So, a country where men, women and children are experimented on and killed under the most heinous torture is a place that other “developing countries would envy”? This is beyond sick. Some commentators may suggest that she was simply confused or that her words are being taken out of context. But any such suggestion was proven false when Amnesty International dared to conflict with Margaret Chan’s version of North Korea.

From the AP, July 16, 2010

The World Health Organization found itself Friday in the strange position of defending North Korea’s health care system from an Amnesty International report, three months after WHO’s director described medicine in the totalitarian state as the envy of the developing world.


Amnesty’s report on Thursday described North Korea’s health care system in shambles, with doctors sometimes performing amputations without anesthesia and working by candlelight in hospitals lacking essential medicine, heat and power. It also raised questions about whether coverage is universal as it — and WHO — claimed, noting most interviewees said they or a family member had given doctors cigarettes, alcohol or money to receive medical care. And those without any of these reported that they could get no health assistance at all.


The issue is sensitive for WHO because its director-general, Margaret Chan, praised the communist country after a visit in April and described its health care as the “envy” of most developing nations.


But whereas Chan had noted that North Korea “has no lack of doctors and nurses,” Amnesty said some people had to walk two hours to get to a hospital for surgery. Chan cited the government’s “notable public health achievements,” while Amnesty said health care remained at a low level or was “progressively getting worse.”

Margaret Chan doesn’t like being contradicted. So, she directed her press spokesperson, Mr Garwood, to attack Amnesty International (see WHO Blasts Amnesty for N. Korea Health Report from the AP on July 16, 2010, for more). I demonstrated the falsity of Mr. Garwood’s assertions in a blog.

It seems pretty clear. Margaret Chan is using her position as Director-General of the WHO to help the North Korean government cover up its genocide of its own people. Both are likely acting on the direct orders of the Chinese government in its attempts to depopulate Korea so that it take its resources. This is a strong statement. But there is ample evidence that the Chinese government and its military aim to depopulate countries with resources they want. For example, the Chinese government has supported genocide in Sudan (See “The ‘Genocide Olympics’” by Ronan Farrow and Mia Farrow for more).

In almost any corner of the world where evil is being done, you will find the Chinese government helping those who would practice genocide: in North Korea, in Africa and in Iran. How is it that the world does not appear to notice? As I and others have argued, this is partially due to the Chinese government’s co-option of Western governments via promise of access to the enormous markets to multinational corporations. The same multinationals that underwrite political campaigns for the politicians who should be protesting the Chinese government’s despicable behaviour. But I believe there is another reason: Racism. As long as the victims of genocide are Asian or African, the MSM has tendency to ignore the story. Slobodan Milošević made the mistake of committing genocide against Europeans. For this, he will be punished. However when Hu Jintao and his colleagues commit genocide against Asians and Africans, the West averts its eyes.

Most people in comfortable Western countries cannot imagine being the target of genocide. That’s something that only happens to other people, either long ago or in poor countries. This assumption is wrong.

Mr. Chi Haotian, then Minister of Defense and vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, is alleged to have given a speech on February 15, 2005 in which he argued for using biological weapons against America in order to depopulate it. According to this speech, the Chinese government and military want to “clean up” the US so that they can take our resources. Sound familiar? For a variety of reasons which I listed in a blog, I believe this speech is genuine. Those who question its authenticity should bear in mind that John Derbyshire, a columnist for the National Review Online, has heard similar claims from senior members of the Chinese military with his own ears.

The Chinese government spent billions of dollars in bribes to get Margaret Chan elected as Director-General of the WHO for her first term. It looks like they are doing it again as she appears to be about to be given a second term as Director-General. As far as I can tell, there is no opposition from the public health establishment to her re-appointment, despite her sickening support for genocide in North Korea.

Today, Margaret Chan supports genocide in North Korea. But tomorrow she may use her position as Director-General of the WHO to support genocide in the United States. Those in the public health establishment who supported her for her first term have an especial responsibility to speak out against her record of support of genocide. If they don’t, then they bear personal responsibility for what she does in her second term.

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