Empire of the Wendigos – Phase 1: China uses North Korea to Attack the US

This blog has an unusual title. It refers to a native American legend about a type of person infected with extraordinary evil. In this blog, I will propose an extreme and outrageous hypothesis, that the Chinese government plans to destroy the US with thermonuclear weapons and escape retribution by using North Korea as a throw away scapegoat. Such a hypothesis violates accepted opinion about the government of China. It is therefore necessary to describe the depraved nature of the Chinese and North Korean governments, in detail. I will document each claim with numbered references at the bottom of this blog. But first, my hypothesis:

The Chinese communist party and the PLA have decided to switch from a mercentilist ecocomy to an imperial economy (conquer and take whatever resources they need from others). The US stands in the way of this determination. Hence, the US must be destroyed. But, if the US is confronted directly, the US will destroy China. Therefore, a means must be found to destroy the US without the US knowing that China is responsible.

Possible approaches:

1. A strategic biological weapon is designed to look like a naturally occuring virus that has suddenly mutated which kills most of the American population. To the government of China, how many Chinese die is irrelevant as long as top leadership, the PLA, and some number of civilians survive, 300 million would be plenty, assuming massive depopulation in the rest of the world.

2. North Korea, under the control of the PLA, launch 50 Thermonuclear weapons against US cities and military bases. Assuming we are able to stop 50% of incoming missles (an optimistic scenario) the US would be totally destroyed as a nation. Everyone in BoWash and other coastal cities would be dead in minutes, critical military bases in San Diego and elsewhere would be gone. The US would have the ability to retaliate with nuclear subs. But if surviving US leadership blamed only North Korea, China would emerge unscathed. US military capabilities would degrade rapidly after 2 years. China, and to a lesser extent Russia, would then be free to conquer other countries at will.

I have already discussed option 1 extensively and so will focus primarily on option 2. However, it is worth noting that option 1 would be given additional cover when war between the US and North Korea begins.

Some facts:
1. China has supplied North Korea with both expertise and materials to launch nuclear weapons against the US (1, 2, 3).
2. China has complete and total control over the North Korean government (4). If they ended trade with North Korea, the latter’s government would collapse within days.
3. Thermonuclear (fusion bombs) are completely different in effect from “atomic” (fission) bombs (5). Almost all MSM discussions of the effect of a North Korean attack relate to the latter, not the former. One fission bomb in NYC would kill 70,000 people. One fusion bomb in NYC could easily kill 20,000,000 people. Fission bombs must have very accurate targeting for maximum effect. Fusion bombs don’t need to be especially accurate given their enormous radius of destruction.
Check out this site [h/t Medical Maven] for the effects of different types of nuclear weapons.

Effect of a 4 megaton weapon:

“…a fireball incinerating everything in a radius of 1.05 miles from ground zero, a lethal radiation zone (500 rems of radiation in an instant, when no more than 100 rems over an entire year is considered safe) extending 1.84 square miles, a pressure wave of 20 pounds per square inch that would demolish concrete buildings at a distance of 2.78 miles, a 5 PSI pressure that would collapse most ordinary buildings 6.86 miles from the blast zone, and thermal radiation hot enough to start fires and cause third-degree burns 15.2 miles from the blast site…”
Michael Peck, Forbes, September 25, 2013

Length of Manhattan: 14 miles
Distance between Boston and Washington – 190 miles
Population of Northeast Megalopolis (BoWash) – 50,000,000

4. North Korea has thermonuclear fusion weapons now (5). This capability represents an existential threat to the US.
5. US Intelligence on North Korean nuclear capabilities have been consistently and dangerously wrong (6). As far as I can tell, our current policies are based on the analysis of the same people who have have given our leaders bad information over and over again. Failure in analysis which could lead to the deaths of millions of Americans has had no consequences.

The suggestion has been made by pundits and the MSM that we accept a nuclear North Korea as we accepted a nuclear Soviet Union and rely on deterrence to avoid disaster. Consider some facts: The leader of North Korea:

  • Has had his closest associates executed with anti-aircraft guns (7, 8).
  • Ordered the execution of his uncle (9).
  • Ordered the murder of his brother (10).
  • Has expanded Nazi-type concentration camps where torture, rape and murder are occurring, right now (11).

If the leader of North Korea is not stopped, within 1 year, he will be able to push a button and kill most of the people reading this within 20 minutes. Are you OK with him having this power? Because that is what the policy of “acceptance” means.

Given the facts above, if my hypothesis is correct, more “diplomacy” will lead to the destruction of the US and death of most of its citizens. The only action other than a sudden attack on North Korea that has any chance of preventing catastrophe is an immediate, strong trade attack on China. It is too late for studies to discuss possible pinprick trade sanctions. More talking about talking will get us killed. China’s economy needs to be attacked, vigorously and openly, until North Korean nuclear weapons have been removed. The Chinese government needs to be told that we will hold them responsible for a nuclear attack on the US launched from North Korea and that they will be included in retaliation.

Potential objection: North Korean leadership is not suicidal. Since they know an attack on the US would result in their deaths, they will not launch their nukes.
Response: This objection is based on two false premises: 1. that the survival prospects of North Korean leadership is linked to the fate of the people in North Korea and 2. that not launching is linked to leadership survival. North Korean leaders grow obese while their people are tortured and starve to death. Clearly, North Korean leaders care nothing for the fate of their people. Whether a thousand people or 1 million die, it is all the same to psychopaths. If my central premise is correct, North Korean leadership survival is dependent on launching nukes – *not* refraining from launching. The Chinese government could have promised safe haven to the North Korean leaders (12) if they launch their nukes against the US and death if they do not. North Korean leadership might be evacuated to a pleasant resort in China right before nukes were launched. Hence, threats of retaliation against North Korea, only, in the event of a launch from North Korea would have no deterrent value. If my hypothesis is correct, then our current policy will result in the destruction of the US and Korea, but not China or the North Korean leaders. Holding Chinese leaders responsible for a launch from North Korea is our only credible deterrent.

Potential objection: The Chinese government doesn’t really like the North Korean government. They just want to maintain the status quo.
Response: The Chinese government gave the North Koreans everything they needed to build and deliver thermonuclear bombs to the US (1, 2, 3). Why would they do this? It is obviously destabilizing. The only possible reason for the Chinese government to do this is because they want the North Koreans to attack us.

Potential objection: We should wait until after we have been attacked before we attack.
Response: If the North Koreans attack with many (50+) ICBMs equipped with thermonuclear warheads, we are very unlikely to intercept them all. Millions of Americans would be dead and our infrastructure will be destroyed.

Potential objection: There can be no military solution because many people in Seoul would die in the counter-attack.
Response: If we don’t stop China/North Korea before they attack, millions of people in the US will die. Should Americans die because the South Korean government decided to allow millions of their citizens to live in an obviously extremely dangerous location? And under what scenario does Seoul escape destruction, either now or later? None, that I can think of.

Potential objection: You’re being an armchair general with no qualifications for this type of analysis. You should leave this to professionals.
Response: I am relying on publicly available information, which can therefore be checked, and a basic understanding of history and human psychology for my analysis. I make no pretence to expertise in actual warfighting. I am just suggesting an hypothesis about the motives of the Chinese government. The experts have not covered themselves in glory when it comes to predicting what either the Chinese or North Korea governments will do.

Many mainstream pundits would reject my hypothesis, not because they can dispute the facts of the case, but rather because I am suggesting an extreme form of evil on the part of both North Korean and Chinese leadership which they regard as inconceivable. Some would go further and suggest that I am “othering” people who are basically rational and much like ourselves. Let me be clear. I am not suggesting that the majority of the North Korean or Chinese people are capable of great evil. I am suggesting that the leaders of the Communist Parties in North Korea and China are evil. The unwillingness to accept the fact that the leaders of other countries might be psychotic killers, with no normal inhibitions, has led to the death of millions. Some examples: Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

Most people know now that Hitler was an abnormal monster. But before WWII, Henry Ford and other prominent Americans openly admired him. He was considered quite rational with exciting new ideas for government-corporate cooperation. Many otherwise intelligent Americans thought Stalin was a defender of the working class. Instead, his policies led directly to the deaths of tens of millions of Russian workers. Unlike Hitler, Stalin’s crimes against humanity, including mass murder, are not as well known.

Mao Zedong was personally responsible for the deaths of over 50 million people, mostly Chinese (13). Some of these deaths were due to the implemetation of incredibly stupid policies such as the Great Leap Forward, which resulted mass starvation. But deaths under Mao were not only because of gross incompetence. Mao also ordered mass executions and demonstrated a reckless disregard for the suffering and lives of the Chinese people.

The Cultural Revolution, launched by Mao in 1968, led to some of the greatest crimes against humanity ever commited in China. This despicable movement turned students against teachers and children against parents – a particularly perverse violation of traditional Chinese culture. Random violence and casual torture and murder were not only condoned but actively encouraged by the Communist Party of China. One of the most vile of all behaviors known to man occurred in China in 1968 – cannibalism (14). Whether this was due to starvation or was triggered by political events has been debated. But there is little doubt that it happened and was triggered by Mao’s policies.

It was said by native Americans that someone who had eaten human flesh had crossed a barrier that caused them to become too evil ever to be considered truly human again. They became something “other”. I am not suggesting that all Chinese Communist officials are actual cannibals, although some certainly were. The term Wendigo was also used metaphorically to label someone whose greed knew no limits. Somone who had crossed the line between normal human behavior and “other.” Such a person devolved into rapacious evil that disgusted those who knew him. This does describe many Communist officials. They steal land from peasants, poison it with pollution, beat little old ladies who complain and imprison the lawyers who try to defend them (15). The people who do this are true Wendigos.

What causes such evil? Absolute power without any checks, in my opinion. Mao, and later the Gang of Four, committed atrocities because no one dared tell them no. The abuses of the Red Guards and sickening incidents like the cannibalism of Wuxuan (14) scared some in the Chinese Communist party and led to reforms and more shared governance. In a word, limits – for a time.

Xi Jinping, the current leader of China, has had enough of limits. He rejects any checks to his power. Dissidents are rounded up, reporters are muzzled and 1984-like surveillance has become routine. His goal: to become a supreme leader, who can order anyone imprisoned, tortured or murdered without restraint – like Mao (16). Today, Henry Ford’s equivalent in the social media work, Mark Zuckerberg openly praises Xi, a man who exercises Orwellian control over his people.

The path Xi has chosen leads to madness. The same madness that consumed Hitler, Stalin and Mao and always results in uncommon evil.

What is China’s future? Look to North Korea.

Kim Jong-un has had his brother murdered, executed his uncle, had close associates killed with anti-aircraft guns, runs concentration camps similar to the Nazis and has grown fat while his people suffer starvation so bad that they have resorted to cannibalism (17). Yes, cannibalism, again. There does seem to be a link between absolute Communist dictators and cannibalism.

Very soon, Kim Jong-un will be able to push a button and 20 minutes later you and everyone you know will be dead. We all have to ask ourselves a simple question. Is it tolerable that someone like Kim Jong-un can have that sort of power over us?

In my opinion, suggestions that the US should prepare to “live” with a North Korea that possesses thermonuclear bombs, and the means to deliver them, are tantamount to suggesting Americans prepare to die.

And usher in, the Empire of the Wendigos.


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H7N9 Flies from China to Canada – On a Plane

From SCMP, January 27, 2015

North America’s first case of bird flu in humans has been identified in a Vancouver-area woman who returned to the city on a flight from Hong Kong this month.

Canadian health authorities said the patient, who tested positive to the H7N9 strain of avian flu on Monday morning, is not gravely ill.


The Globe and Mail newspaper reported that the patient and her husband, both aged in their 50s, had travelled together and both were now sick at home. Tests have not yet confirmed the man’s suspected H7N9 infection.

The newspaper quoted Bonnie Henry, BC’s deputy provincial health officer, as saying the couple “did some touring of areas and villages in China where poultry are seen throughout the village, but there was not a particularly high-risk exposure that we were able to identify.

Cryptic infection of Canadian visitor with H5N1 in China

A resident of Alberta Canada has just died after being infected with H5N1 after visiting Beijing China [hat-tip, NawtyBits].

Some facts:

Date of symptom onset: December 27, 2014
Date of hospitalisation: January 1, 2014
Date of death – January 3, 2014

The person who died first reported symptoms while on Air Canada flight 030 from Beijing to Vancouver on December 27, 2013.

This person presented with unusual neurological symptoms rather than the typical respiratory signs.

There have been no reports of H5N1 in Beijing nor any explanation of how the visitor from Canada was infected.

The odds that one visitor from another country was infected as a result of environmental exposure in China but that no one in China has been infected by the same source are vanishingly low.

As Dr. Niman has pointed out, it is odd that H5N1 cases are being missed in China given the intense scrutiny influenza patients are receiving due to the ongoing reports of H7N9 infections.

As Pixie has pointed out, there is a curious lack of urgency or concern on the part of Chinese officials to uncover how this visitor from Canada was infected, presumably in Beijing. In fact, in this Xinhua story, there is no indication that Chinese officials are attempting to find the source of the infection. This is odd.

So, how did the visitor from Canada get infected with H5N1 in China? At this point, all we can say is that the source is hidden.

Russia prepares for biological warfare

From NPR

Russia Conducts Record Military Exercises

COREY FLINTOFF. Sat July 20, 2013

Today, Russia is wrapping up its biggest military maneuver since the Soviet era, an exercise that’s designed to test its military readiness on land, sea and in the air. NPR’s Corey Flintoff reports that it may also be an effort to show Russia’s Far Eastern neighbors that it is still a force to be reckoned with.

COREY FLINTOFF, BYLINE: Russian President Vladimir Putin watched part of the war games this week at a firing range in southern Siberia.

PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN: (Foreign language spoken)

FLINTOFF: He said Russia’s forces were tested in unfamiliar territory and that they showed a high degree of combat readiness. The territory was Russia’s Far East and some analysts say the maneuvers were a message to neighbors, such as China, Japan and the United States. Igor Korotchenko is the editor-in-chief of National Defense magazine, and he watched the exercise as a guest of Russia’s defense minister.

IGOR KOROTCHENKO: (Foreign language spoken)

FLINTOFF: He says the maneuvers are not meant to threaten anyone but to show that Russia wouldn’t be an easy prey. Korotchenko points out that the exercise included forces that have nuclear capability as a deterrent to countries that outweigh Russia in terms of conventional forces. He’s not naming names, but that label only applies to the United States and China. Russian military expert Alexander Goltz points out that the war games included chemical and biological warfare defense brigades. He says Russian defense officials fear that some countries in the region might resort to such weapons. [emphasis added]

Who do the Russians fear invasion from? Who do they think might use biological weapons against them?

This story did not receive as much attention as it deserves.

Thousands of unreported H7N9 flu cases in China

Recent news stories have highlighted a new “study” suggesting that the actual case fatality rate for H7N9 is lower than the apparent 30% rate. What most of these stories don’t mention is that to achieve these lower rates, the authors of the study must assume that there have been thousands of unreported H7N9 cases in China.

Here’s the math:

Case fatality rate = Deaths / Cases

The reported number of cases is 131.
The reported number of deaths is 39.

39/131 = 29.77%

The new “study” asserts that the case fatality rate is actually between 0.16% and 2.8%. They come to this conclusion by assuming there must be unreported cases. The news stories don’t say how many unreported cases are required to get these lower case fatality rates. I will.

For a case fatality rate of 2.8% we would have:

39/cases = .028
1/cases = .028/39
cases = 39/.028
cases = 1,393

For a case fatality rate of 0.16% we would have:

39/cases = .0016
1/cases = .0016/39
cases = 39/.0016
cases = 24,375

Is it believable that there have been tens of thousands of cases of H7N9 in China – all from contact with birds at poultry markets? This is patently ridiculous. A case fatality rate of 0.16% requires that there be over 24,000 cases which implies efficient human to human spread of H7N9.

A case fatality rate of 2.8% would be similar to the 1918 pandemic – one of the most lethal disease outbreaks in human history. To reduce the apparent case fatality rate to even this level, we must assume over 1,200 unreported cases. This number pushes the limits as to what is believable in terms of bird to human spread of the virus. More likely, there would have to be substantial human to human spread, perhaps limited by the currently unfavorable weather for influenza transmission.

One can make all the assumptions one wants about missing data. However, anyone who repeats these assumptions should do the math and report the implications of these assumptions.

note: I have just found a story that does mention the number of unreported cases:

From Fox News, June 23, 2013

“Human infections with avian influenza A H7N9 virus seem to be less serious than has been previously reported,” they wrote.

But many mild, unreported cases may have occurred — between 1,500 and 27,000 — said the study, urging “continued vigilance and sustained intensive control efforts”.

Two pandemics? SARS 2 and H7N9

There are currently two viruses with apparent pandemic potential circulating in the world today – SARS 2 (nCoV) and H7N9.

Although many details are being suppressed, SARS 2 appears to be spreading human to human:

From Gulf News, May 6, 2013

The 13 cases linked to one Saudi hospital suggest the spread of nCoV may have reached a dangerous new stage in which it is spreading from one human to another, rather than infecting humans from another source such as an infected animal, according to infectious disease experts.

The virus has spread quickly: 13 people were infected between April 14 and May 1, nearly half of the 30 total cases that have been reported to the World Health Organisation. Of those 30 cases, 18 have died, giving the disease a case fatality rate similar to that of the feared H5N1 avian flu.


Two terse emails posted on Promed over the past few days by the Saudi government suggest the virus spread multiple times from one person to another.

“It has to be person to person — I can’t imagine any other way,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the Centre for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

“Animal contact doesn’t appear to play a role at all” in the latest cases, he said. Moreover, he said, the length of time between the dates of onset of disease in the 13 people-from April 14 to May 1 — suggests “multiple chains of transmission”.

From the Wall Street Journal, May 6, 2013

“People are sending messages, SMSs, saying, ‘stay home.’ That all the hospitals have the virus. All,” said one man, a cousin to one of the men who died and to two other men who have been sickened in the current outbreak and are still being treated.

The man confirmed an account from a hospital official in Hofuf that his three relatives had gone to three different hospitals in Eastern Province.

“The Ministry of Health just wants to close the books” by saying the latest outbreak is limited to one hospital, the man said, speaking on a Hofuf street lined with medical centers and pharmacies.

It is possible that the virus has infected a number of people in hospitals. This is primarily how the original SARS spread. If so, the virus can likely be contained with aggressive testing and infection control. However, if the virus is spreading easily in community settings, containment will be more difficult. We won’t know which of these possibilies to expect until the Saudi government stops hiding information.

There are now 129 reported infections and 31 deaths from H7N9 in China. The official story is that all of these cases are due to bird to human infection. This is almost certainly false because a number of clusters have been reported. Further, there are adaptive changes in the virus isolated in humans that have not been seen in birds. Release of all sequences from human cases would provide a better indication of what is going on in China, but this information has been suppressed by the government.

Both SARS 2 and H7N9 have the potential to cause pandemics. However, unless the relevant governments change their policy of data suppression, we may not know a pandemic has started until large numbers of cases have been observed in multiple countries.

And that is too late.

H7N9 case in Taiwan – Implications for a pandemic

The recent report of a businesman who traveled to China and came back with a severe case of H7N9 has implications for the probability of a pandemic. The population of Taiwan is only about 23 million. I don’t know how many people from Taiwan traveled to China last month, but lets say it was 200,000. Of these, at least one developed a life-threatening infection. The population of the area in China with reported infections is at least 200,000,000. If we apply a 1 in 200,000 incidence to this group we would expect 1,000 severe infections, an order of magnitude higher than those reported. Given the Chinese government’s past history of covering up SARS and H5N1 cases, a underreport by a 1,000 cases is all too possible.

The reported cases of 100+ are already straining the boundaries of what can be explained without assuming a pandemic has begun. A 1,000 cases would go right past that barrier. And I think there is a good chance that is exactly what has happened.