Gestalt # 59- SARS-2 Pandemic

The FDA Approval Process and Military Readiness

Current SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are only approved under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). For this reason, it is more difficult to mandate that US military personnel get vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. This is ridiculous. This virus, and others to come, can seriously degrade our ability to respond to military threats by causing widespread illness and possibly death of our warfighters. I do not know what is going on at the FDA, but they need an intervention. They have had ample access to animal and human data sufficient to give full approval for the two mRNA vaccines. I’ve heard that they are “working hard”. My question is: what is the nature of this work? What are the barriers to approval of vaccines that have already been administered to hundreds of millions of people with few side effects? There is a cost to approving a medical intervention too soon. But there is also a cost to approving a medical intervention too late. FDA procedures need to be examined to speed up the approval of medical interventions where the risk-benefit ratio is obviously favorable.

CDC Guidance Change and Booster shots

The CDC has recently reversed their dangerous previous guidance that vaccinated people could take their masks off in crowded rooms. I don’t believe that CDC scientists only just learned that the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is more infectious, more lethal and better able to evade the immune system than previous versions. I think they knew this before. If not, what were they doing when Delta was burning up India? Didn’t they send a team of epidemiological service officers to India? Didn’t Indian scientists tell them that Delta was different? In any case, I’m glad to see that they have seen the light. But it would have been better if the CDC had kept a consistent policy. Politicians who are cognitively challenged will use the confusion around these sharp changes in guidance to cast doubt on the value of masks.

There is evidence that although the immune response generated by vaccines to SARS-CoV-2 wanes more slowly than the immune response generated by an infection, it does wane. Fully vaccinated individuals are now shown to be capable of carrying high viral loads of SARS-2. This is apparently because the Delta strain can breach one level of host defense. People who are fully vaccinated still have substantial protection against severe illness and death because another level of defense is still working. Studies have shown that booster shots can provide better protection against the Delta strain. The CDC and FDA need to work quickly to get booster shots approved and administered before too many fully vaccinated people start to get sick and die. There is plenty of vaccine available in the US for this purpose. Although I think the US should make any extra vaccine we can produce or buy available to our allies, US citizens should come first. I hope that OneWorldism at the CDC is not responsible for the slowness of our country in providing booster shots. Israel recently approved booster shots for everyone over 60. What are we waiting for?


I’ve changed the subtitle to this blog to: “A blog about catastrophes”. Although my domain knowledge is most suitable for pandemics, it has started to seem ridiculous to only pay attention to preparing for and responding to pandemics given that the risk of WW III has increased dramatically within the last year. Indeed, if the spread of SARS-CoV-2 was deliberate, WW III has already begun. WW III will likely be fought with biological, cyber and nuclear weapons. I’ve posted many blogs about biological warfare, which I think has been grossly underestimated as a threat. However, the risk of a cyber attack on critical infrastructure (the grid, water treatment plants, etc.) has increased. Indeed, some would say that probing attacks on US infrastructure have already begun. Xi Jinping has ordered a massive build up in nuclear weapons production in China. These are being constructed in ways that only make sense if he plans a first strike against the US or others. Many of the preparations that we make for pandemics will apply to other catastrophes. However, some will not be sufficient. Having N95s and plenty of food and toilet paper won’t do you any good if a thermonuclear weapon lands nearby. I will discuss deeper preps in future blogs.

The U. S. is vulnerable to a nuclear first strike

I have been wondering why the Chinese military is building hundreds of new missile silos. They say they have a no first strike policy. But, as usual, I think they are lying. The missile silos that they are building would be destroyed if we launched a first strike. If they only wanted second strike capability they would have boosted the numbers of mobile launchers instead of fixed silos. The only real use for fixed silos is if Xi Jinping orders a first strike.

The Chinese would have to be crazy to attack us, right? After all, media infographics show how many more nuclear warheads we have than they do. Unfortunately, warheads are useless without delivery systems. And in many respects, we have unilaterally disarmed our delivery systems.

From: Are U.S. Submarines Vulnerable?, RealClear Defense, Peter Pry, May 30, 2019

U.S. ICBMs are reduced from about 1,000 during the Cold War armed with about 2,000 warheads, to 400 ICBMs with 400 warheads today.

Russia’s SS-18 ICBM, armed with ten warheads, or China’s DF-5 ICBM also ten warheads, could with just 50 missiles deliver 500 warheads having yield/accuracy combinations capable of a disarming surprise first strike destroying:

All U.S. strategic command centers, like NORAD HQ at Peterson AFB and NORAD’s Alternate HQ inside Cheyenne Mountain;
All U.S. strategic bombers;
All U.S. ICBMs;
Two-thirds of U.S. SSBNs (9-10 submarines) typically anchored at King’s Bay, Georgia and Bangor, Washington.

This same article goes on to describe the many vulnerabilities of our remaining nuclear submarines.

China will soon have the capacity to launch a devastating first strike with nuclear weapons including use for EMPs as well as direct destruction. We might retain the capacity to kill millions of Chinese people. However, their leadership might be quite willing to pay that price. The question is not how many people can we kill with our nukes; the question is how many of them will be left to invade the US? If they launch a first strike, they may end up with 10 times as many soldiers left as we would have left. What would we do then?

South America, Africa and Australia would all be helpless against a Chinese invasion. And Vladimir Putin might have his eyes on Europe.

We had better stop worrying about the stupid Olympics and celebrity gender reveal parties and rebuild our nuclear deterrence capability. Or the world is heading for Hell on Earth.

Gestalt # 58- SARS-2 Pandemic

Cynical Slaughter

The current guidance from the CDC and other public health officials that people who are fully vaccinated can remove their masks in crowded, interior spaces without any fear of being infected, getting sick or dying amounts to a prescription for disaster.

I don’t expect politicians to be experts on science. However, they are experts in human behavior. They know full well that once the public is told that only unvaccinated people need to wear masks inside, pretty much everyone will take them off. I have seen this with my own eyes. Almost no one is wearing a mask now, even though about 50% of the public is unvaccinated. Of course, the delta strain will spread like wildfire in the unvaccinated if people stop wearing masks. This was completely predicable and is largely a result of CDC policy. You can blame the unvaccinated for not wearing masks, but everyone knew that they would stop wearing them the second that the mask mandate was removed.

Most people who are getting very ill and dying are unvaccinated. This does not mean that you are perfectly safe if you are vaccinated. You are simply safer-er than the unvaccinated. You can still get sick and die from delta if you are vaccinated. Breakthrough infections are common. Serious illness and death among the vaccinated is increasing. Also, mixing the unvaccinated and the vaccinated in public spaces without masks is the ideal situation for creating a fully vaccine-resistant strain of virus. The stupidity of Dr. Walensky in creating the perfect environmnent for such a strain to evolve is shocking. Had this policy been enacted during the Trump administration, there would have been widespread condemnation by virologists, public health experts and the media. But because there is a Democrat in the White House, there is little opposition to a policy that will certainly result in large numbers of Americans dying.

The Biden Administration is preparing to blame the unvaccinated for the coming disaster. This is partly just. If everyone was vaccinated, the spread of the virus would be much slower. However, the Biden Administration knows that making Dr. Fauci the chief communicator on vaccines guarantees that the people who are suspicious of vaccination will continue to refuse the vaccine. Yet, there he still is.

No children under 12 are vaccinated. Although they are less likely to die than adults of COVID-19, some of them will get sick and die if infected. And they are all going to get infected with the delta strain if the mask mandate is not re-instated. Will the Biden Administration blame the dead children for their infection?

Removing the mask mandate and prematurely celebrating our “independence” from SARS-2 will go down in history as one of the worst decisions any American president has ever made. We can blame President Trump’s response to the pandemic for the first 600,000 American deaths. But when we cross the line to 1,000,000 dead Americans, President Biden will have to assume full responsibility.

Gestalt #57 – SARS 2 Pandemic

Get vaxxed, but wear a mask

The delta strain is starting to break through our vaccine firewall. Numerous individuals who were fully vaccinated are getting infected. According to recent Israeli data, a significant percentage are becoming ill. This does NOT mean that anyone who is not already vaccinated should use this as an excuse not to get vaccinated. The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and probably Moderna) still offer some protection. I am very glad that I am vaccinated and still advise family and friends to get vaccinated if they aren’t already. However, the guidance that people have been getting that it is OK to go inside public buildings without a mask if you are vaccinated is wrong. This advice is being given to boost the ecconomy at the expense of human lives. I will continue to wear at least a procedure mask and am considering moving to an N95.

No warning for Armageddon

Even if government leaders know that there is a high probabilty of a nuclear war or EMP attack or cyber attack on infrastructure, they may not warn the public. Further, they may lean on the Media to censor themselves on these topics. Why? Because there is no plan to save people in the cities. Imagine 100 million people trying to leave the cities at one time. There is nowhere that many people can go to find shelter. It will take decades to de-centralize the US population. New infrastructure including water treatment plants etc. will need to be built. In the meantime, the cities will remain unprotected, and unwarned, targets.

The Dividers are agents of the Chinese Communist Party

Anyone, politician or “pundit”, who attempts to divide Americans by demonizing one half of the electorate is doing the work the Chinese government whether they realize it or not. I really do not care what political party my readers belong to. I want to inform everyone in this country and in other free countries of the dangers we face from the dictatorships in China and elsewhere so that we can work together to meet the foe. Please do not listen to the propaganda meant to turn you against your neighbor. In many cases, it originates in Beijing or Moscow. The Nazis used internal divisions to conquer France. Let’s not make the same mistake.

Gestalt #56 – SARS-2 Pandemic

EcoHealth Alliance Funded by Pentagon

Just typing this headline makes me sick to my stomach. Yes, the group that funneled money to “bat lady” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) where she engaged in sloppy experiments to make bat coronaviruses more contagious to humans was funded by the US Defense department. The specific subgroup within the Defense department was the “Defense Threat Reduction Agency” (DTRA). The supposed rationale was to obtain bat coronavirus sequences so that we could defend against biological weapons. Anyone else see the irony here? What, exactly, is the nature of the EcoHealth Aliiance? It is run by Peter Daszak, a British scientist with close, warm relations with the director of WIV where multple intelligence officials have asserted the PLA is making biological weapons. Yet, the NIH, DoD and others have been funneling millions of dollars to Daszak’s organization. I cannot think of an explanation for this other than extreme incompetence or treason. I’m not sure which would be worse. In any case, you can see why nobody in the US government has any interest in criticising Daszak, the EcoHealth Alliance or “bat lady” at the WIV. Too many important people are complicit in funding these groups.

Thermonuclear war

This is a blog about pandemics. But I would be remiss in my duties as a “warner” if I did not share my increasing concern that a nuclear war will occur. My reasons are as follows:

  1. Many more countries have joined the nuclear “club”.
  2. The geopolitical order has been destabilized by Xi Jinping and the PLA leadership.
  3. China is building breeder reactors. The only reason is to produce plutonium for thermonuclear devices, lots of them.
  4. China is building nuclear missile silos, lots of them.
  5. China is experimenting with new and highly dangerous nuclear technologies.
  6. Xi Jinping is a megalomaniac dictator who is on the path to complete insanity.
  7. The Chinese military is run by aggressive, over-confident fools.
  8. The US govenment response to the pandemic, including the Defense department, signalled weakness to Xi Jinping and the PLA generals.

Prepping for nuclear war will not be easy.

Gestalt #55 – SARS-2 Pandemic

The NIH deletes crucial SARS-2 sequences at the request of Chinese researchers

Dr. Jesse Bloom, a prominent computational biologist, has discovered that key SARS-2 sequences were deleted from the Sequence Read Archive (SRA) which is maintained by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). His considerable technical skills allowed him to find copies of at least some of these sequences in Google Cloud. These sequences suggest that SARS-2 was spreading in Wuhan before the epidemic at the Huanan Seafood market. The supposed reason for deleting the sequences from SRA was so that the Chinese researchers could deposit them in another database. There is no evidence that they did so.

I will claim domain knowledge of this issue as I have also submitted sequences to SRA (you will have to take my word on this). It is completely unbelievable that raw sequences would be withdrawn from the SRA so that they could be deposited at another database. I have never heard of such a thing. And which database would require deletion of sequences at SRA? GISAID, the mysterious database run by a Ski Instructor? Or another DNA database? As the sequences relate to already published work, this makes no sense whatsoever.

It is almost unbelievable that NIH would allow information that relates directly to the national security of the United States of America to be destroyed. At the very least, they should have made a copy of these sequences and alerted US intelligence agencies that this was happening. Director of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins, should be interviewed by US intelligence agencies to discuss with him NIH policies regarding information key to the survival of this country. But, really, we need a director of the NIH with more common sense and deeper commitment to the health of US citizens.

A Scientist Tracked Down Chinese Coronavirus Sequences That Had Disappeared Online

Sir Jeremy Farrar’s undisclosed conflicts of interest involving Chinese financial backing

Dr. Farrar is a powerful and influential British scientist. He is the Director of the Wellcome Trust, a major funder of biomedical research. He is one of the major leaders working to de-legitimize consideration of the lab-leak hypothesis for the origin of SARS-2.

After Dr. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) received information from prominent scientists indicating that SARS-2 was quite likely engineered in a laboratory, Dr. Farrar organized a teleconference involving these scientists, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins. After this teleconference, the scientists who initially suggested that SARS-2 was engineered did a complete about-face and now dogmatically claimed that SARS-2 could not possibly be engineered and further was very unlikely to have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This led me to ask, “Does Dr. Farrar have any connection to the Chinese government?” It was not hard to find an answer to this question. He does.

The Wellcome Trust, which Dr. Farrar directs, is a charitable foundation. It has an investment portfolio of about £29.1 billion. This is a substantial amount of money. Its investments include Chinese companies. Chinese companies, by definition, operate under the control of the Chinese government. The Wellcome Trust has benefited handsomely as a result of its investments in Chinese companies. For example, it made an easy £100m as a result of investments in Alibaba. The Wellcome Trust’s dependence on funding from Chinese companies, which are under the control of the Chinese government, represents an undisclosed conflict of interest for Dr. Farrar. Given Dr. Farrar’s key role in suppressing suggestions that the SARS-2 virus was engineered and/or leaked from a laboratory in China, he should be asked to disclose all financial ties between the Wellcome Trust and Chinese companies.

Wellcome Trust Toasts £100m Alibaba Profit