Gestalt # 67 – Give the Devil his Due

We have a tendency to discount everything done by someone who we perceive of as an enemy or who is merely wrong about some things. This is a mistake. Even the worst people may do some things right. We should recognize good actions even when they are performed by people we disagree with just as we should feel free to criticize bad actions by people with whom we agree. Hence, the title of this blog.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Fauci used to be a brilliant scientist and administrator. No more. Aging has caught up with him. He made a number of serious mistakes in dealing with the pandemic. However, today I would like to acknowledge that he is absolutely right to push booster shots for everyone. Study after study has shown that protection from Covid vaccines wanes over time. There is also strong evidence that booster shots not only restore immunity to the original strains, they also provide protection against new strains. So, kudos to Dr. Fauci for making this seemingly obvious point.

President Trump

I thought President Trump’s behaviour on January 6, 2021 was despicable; perhaps the worst I have ever seen in a US President. Nonetheless, President Trump deserves credit for recommending, loud and clear, that his supporters should get vaccinated. For his trouble, he was booed. I hope that he will continue to try to save the lives of his supporters by urging them to get vaccinated.

Xi Jinping

I think that Xi Jinping is a an evil man. He is personally responsible for the millions of people who have died of COVID-19. I believe he is leading China to catastrophe and will likely cause enormous suffering to all of humanity. Nonetheless, we should recognize that the Chinese government has done a much better job of handling the pandemic than the US has. This is because they have enacted draconian travel restrictions. They are now building huge numbers of quarantine centers, something I myself proposed for the US months ago. Let us pay attention to what works, regardless of where the lesson comes.

Gestalt # 66 – SARS-2 Pandemic

Heck of a job, Jeff

You may be excused for not knowing that we have a pandemic coordinator in the White House, Jeffrey Zients. Mr. Zients has kept a low profile. So low, one wonders what he does all day. There is not much evidence of coordination occurring among US agencies tasked with responding to the pandemic. The CDC, FDA and NIH all make announcements which appear to conflict with each other. I have no idea what DoD is doing, if anything. State health departments are winging it with little support from the federal government and strong, usually wrong-headed, interference from Governors and other local politicians.

Mr. Zients is a businessman with no scientific or medical credentials. Perhaps this is why he is unable to control heads of biomedical agencies. Dr. Lander now has a cabinet position as Secretary of Science and Technology. He would be the obvious person to lead our response to the SARS-2 pandemic. Yet, he also is keeping a low profile. Why? We badly need leadership in our pandemic response. Instead, we have mediocrities and prima donnas each pursuing their own agenda.

What a mess.

R.1 Strain

It seems as if a week doesn’t go by without another strain of SARS-2 popping up. The latest is R.1 which seems to have an enhanced ability to evade the immune response of people who have been vaccinated. William Haseltine has an informed run down on this strain here. We don’t know whether this is the strain that will break our vaccine firewall. However, the slow and lethargic adoption of booster shots is inexcusable given the knowledge that many of our immune defenses are weakening due to the length of time since our last vaccinations. Right now, booster shots are our best line of defense against infection with new strains.

The Gathering Storm*

For those who have eyes that can see, the evidence that a World War centered on Asia is coming is overwhelming. Countries are arming up, defensive alliances are forming and the Dictator in China is becoming increasingly isolated and belligerant. We have seen this movie before. I believe that what is coming will be a “total war”. That means civilians will not be spared. Indeed, I think that entire populations of humans will be targeted for extermination. Ask the Uighurs if you think this is not possible. The Dictator in China is evil. He will not hesitate to kill people with every weapon at his disposal. This includes conventional, nuclear, cyber, chemical and biological weapons.

It is possible that this war has already begun. The evidence that Chinese scientists, working with funding and technical expertise from the West, were seeking to make human-adapted coronaviruses grows stronger with each new revelation, most recently a grant proposal from the EcoHealth Alliance that proposed bat coronavirus gain of function studies with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. There has been deliberate obfuscation and just plain old lying coming from many involved with the research that was being conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other Chinese institutions related to coronaviruses. Congress should push the Biden adminstration hard to release all relevant information.

We cannot defend ourselves if we don’t acknowlege that we have been attacked.

*Title of a book about WW II by Winston Churchill

Gestalt # 65 – SARS-2 Pandemic


According to a report allegedly leaked from the Chinese government in 2005, General Chi Haotian described depopulating the US with a stealth virus. This week, we learn that Alabama had more deaths than births this past year. In other words, Alabama is being depopulated as a result of a virus that originated in China, the origin of which was subject to an intense coverup by the Chinese government. Soon other US States will report similar depopulation. Something to consider.


The decision-making process for who gets booster shots has been opaque and disorganized. The CDC is hiding recent data showing an increasing number of deaths among vaccinated older Americans due to waning immunity. The FDA is slow-walking booster shots. The NIH acknowledges that most Americans will need booster shots but won’t say when they will get them. Weren’t we supposed to have a pandemic Czar to avoid this hot mess?


In my opinion, WW III is finally coming (or perhaps has already started). Do not listen to nay sayers who seek to undermine confidence in our ability to prevail. Each must do what they can within the current system to prepare for the onslaught. Each should be ready to innovate and improvise after catastrophe while another system is being born.

Gestalt #64 – SARS-2 Pandemic

Nipah Virus

There are currently multiple outbreaks involving different pathogens in India. This is a reminder that SARS-2 is not the only virus that poses a threat. Nipah is one of the potentially more dangerous viruses. It attacks the brain and has a fatality rate of up to 75%. Most infections are animal-to-human, but some human-to-human transmission has occurred. Thus far, it has not spread efficiently human-to-human; but that could change at any time. There is an outbreak occurring now in India. One boy is dead. Multiple health care workers have been apparently infected and are experiencing symptoms. The village where this occurred is under quarantine. It is important to determine if more efficient human-to-human transmission is occurring.

CDC communication incompetence

The level of incompetence demonstrated by the CDC director with regard to booster shots is almost unbelievable. If she was consciously trying to destroy the reputation of the agency she leads, she could not be doing a more effective job. Almost every day we hear different story about when or even if we will ever receive booster shots. Dr. Fauci does no better. His chief job seems to be supporting the incoherent “plans” that come out of the CDC and FDA and doing CYA press conferences. There is no actual leadership in the Biden administration with regard to a national pandemic response strategy. Dr. Lander is working on some sort of grand, very expensive, plan for the future. But right now, there is no one at the rudder.

You’ve been warned

Over the years, there have been multiple warnings that the Chinese government has been planning to attack the United States with weapons of mass destruction. These warnings have come from reputable sources in the intelligence and defence agencies as well as insiders in the Chinese defence establishment. These warnings have been largely ignored. It is now forbidden to even mention them in the mass media. The most that is allowed is to acknowledge that China is increasing its military budget and capabilities and “could possibly” present a threat to the US at some point in the future. Even the most right-wing publications hesitate to reveal the fact that Xi Jinping is planning genocide against the US. Anyone who repeats the warnings from the past will be targeted and portrayed as a nutty conspiracy theorist. You have seen how this works with any attempt to discuss the lab-leak hypothesis. This is because so many “thought leaders” have been corrupted by money and/or young girls (from China). People who trust these “thought leaders” unknowingly repeat propaganda written in Beijing.

I will occasionally highlight some of the old, pre-censorship warnings to remind people that there was a time when it was possible to discuss publicly the fact that the Chinese Communist Party plans to destroy the United States by killing large numbers of Americans (for example, see: The Psychopath War – Part 6 – 21st Century Genocide and the quotes from General Chi Haotian). The Chinese military does have a slew of biological weapons ready to deploy. The Chinese military does have detailed information on how to take down our critical infrastructure. The Chinese military is building nuclear weapons at an incredible rate. The Chinese military has compromised a huge numbers of Americans, from Members of Congress right down to the mayors of medium-size American cities. The Chinese military has identified the United States as its primary target; the country it needs to destroy in order to conquer the rest of the world.

You’ve been warned.