Gestalt#49 – SARS-2 Pandemic

Death by Political Correctness

We are in the midst of a pandemic that has killed nearly 600,000 Americans. Yet, Members of Congress appear to be more interested in establishing their credentials as the most political correct rather than quickly confirming someone who has the scientific credentials to solve at least some of the problems that represent an existential threat to the US. I’m referring to the ridiculous accusations leveled against Dr. Eric Lander in Congressional Hearings this week. He is accused of not praising two female scientists, enough, praising one of the discoverers of the structure of DNA, too much, and being in the same room with a bad person before he knew that this guy was a bad person. This is, almost literally, insane. There is no one on this planet, including the Members of Congress who pilloried Dr. Lander, who could pass the kind of purity test that he is being subjected to. Why? I wonder if there is someone who is currently enjoying a lot of limelight who might feel threatened if Dr. Lander assumes his responsibilities. I wonder who might be whispering in the ears of these Members of Congress. I wonder why someone who should be vigorously defending Dr. Lander but who, despite nonstop press coverage, hasn’t managed to find time do this.

Vaccine vs. Strains

The mRNA vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna have been unqualified successes. These vaccines are saving our lives and our economy. We would be in deep trouble, right now, without them. Yet, I am reluctant to celebrate the opening up of the US without reservations. I think it is mistake to depend 100% on vaccines for our protection from SARS-2. And that is what we are currently doing. Although there are some restrictions on travel from India, they will have no effect on the importation of the strains that are breaking that country. President Biden has adopted exactly the same policies that failed President Trump – incomplete travel restrictions that are more for PR than a real attempt to protect Americans from dangerous new strains. Maybe our currently available vaccines will protect us against the new Indian strains, maybe they won’t. We don’t know. Maybe we will have new vaccines in time if the current ones fail (but probably we won’t). We should, by all means, push ahead with vaccinating everyone we can with the current vaccines and develop new ones. But I fear this will not be enough. We have to stop new strains from entering this country. The only to do this is a COMPLETE passenger travel ban on ALL countries that have circulating virus. Otherwise, we will become the world’s biggest Petri dish of SARS-2 variants. What are the odds that policy ends well?

Sharyl Attkisson’s video and story on the SARS-2 origin story

I have mixed feelings about Sharyl Attkisson. I suspect that she is at least weakly anti-vax and maybe just plain anti-science. So, as a pro-vax scientist, I have reservations about some of the content on her website. Nonetheless, I think she has done a good job in documenting important facts about the Wuhan Institute of Virology that have been strongly suppressed by prominent American scientists who have deep and undisclosed conflicts of interest. Worth watching this video and reading the transcript.

Exclusive Investigation: Separating rumor from fact on Covid-19’s origin
May 2, 2021 by Sharyl Attkisson

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