Tamiflu in short supply in Texas

From The Victoria Advocate, December 22, 2013

“I’ve seen almost 200 confirmed cases in the last three days,” McNeill said. “We have to call around to different pharmacies because Tamiflu is in short supply.”


“We prescribe Tamiflu if it’s caught in the first 48 hours,” Barrett-Garcia said. “But it’s very expensive, and most of our patients don’t have insurance.”

The flu can last for two weeks, and Tamiflu knocks the symptoms down more quickly, she said.

Without Tamiflu, McNeill suggests patients stay well-hydrated, take Tylenol or Motrin to control fever and body aches and see a doctor if symptoms worsen.

“One patient with the flu went by ambulance to the hospital today,” McNeill said.


Dr. John McNeill is “owner and physician of Twin Fountains Walk-In Health Clinics”.

Shana Barrett-Garcia is “a medical assistant.”

Is Tamiflu in such short supply that at least some people, the ones without health insurance, are being advised to take Tylenol instead? Further clarification is requested.