Immaculate Infection – Death from Dubai

The recent SARS2 (new SARS) infection of a French visitor to Dubai, which is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a bit of a mystery. Because government officials from the UAE claim that they have no cases of SARS2.

So how did the French visitor get infected? There are really only three possibilities:

1. Animal transmission. What are the odds that a French visitor was the only person in Dubai infected in this way? Slim to none, imo.

2. Targeted infection by an unknown evildoer. This is possible. And, despite its conspiracy-theory associations, an entirely legitimate speculation if there really are no other cases in Dubai.

3. There are many SARS2 cases in Dubai, but government officials are lying about them on orders from the Emir, a medieval tyrant with unlimited powers of life and death over everyone in Dubai. The motive would be economic. Dubai is a trade center and playground for the rich. If it got out that a virus as lethal as Ebola were spreading human to human in Dubai, the Emir’s income stream might be severely reduced.

The WHO isn’t recommending travel restrictions (it almost never does despite the danger of country to country spread). But people can think for themselves.

Dubai is dangerous. Go there at your own risk.


2 thoughts on “Immaculate Infection – Death from Dubai

  1. If there is already community spread in Al Hofuf, how believable is it to suggest that there are no cases in Riyadh?

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