The Psychopath War – Part 4 – The Chinese Government and American Multinationals

Psychopaths are “out for themselves”, but they are capable of bargaining. Alliances between psychopaths exist only as long as they suit both parties, but they do occur. Indeed, my impression is that psychopaths prefer to deal with each other rather normal humans. They refer to normals as “boyscouts”, “idealists” or similar terms which they consider derogatory. They see themselves and other successful psychopaths as sophisticates who understand “how the world really works”. Although they are all quite good at acting like normals in public, they drop their masks when they think they are alone with their fellow psychopaths. The smiles disappear and the cold-blooded bargaining begins.

In previous blogs in this series, I’ve described how psychopaths can rise within the complex structures of large corporations and authoritarian governments. Most large corporations arise in the free market system associated with the Democracies. Hence, in the past, psychopaths in big businesses had little contact with psychopaths in authoritarian governments. However, after the reforms of Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s, the Chinese government permitted, even encouraged, foreign investment. By the 1990s, US multinationals began setting up branch offices and factories in China with increasing frequency. They were lured there by two considerations: cheap labor with no enforcement of environmental laws and the promise of a billion potential customers. The latter was especially tempting as the US market was considered saturated by the 1990s with little room for growth. An unrecognised event occurred during the rapid expansion of contact between US multinationals and the Chinese government. For the first time, psychopaths in both groups got to know one another. And at drunken orgies where they indulged their every whim, they forged a fateful bond.

The Chinese government has a long track record of human rights abuses. These are so well documented, and so extensive, I won’t list them here. Suffice to say that they have inflicted mass starvation, torture, kidnappings, rape and murder on their people. All governments have psychopaths associated with them who commit crimes. However, in democracies, these crimes are usually exposed and punished. In an authoritarian government like China, information about crimes is suppressed and never punished if it involves people at the higher levels of government. For example, two members of the Politburo Standing Committee, Li Changchun and Li Keqiang, were Party Secretaries of Henan province during a scandalous public health atrocity which occurred in 1990s and early 2000s (Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2010) .

…in Henan province rural residents sold their blood plasma to government and private collection stations that used unsanitary methods and infected perhaps 100,000 people with the HIV virus. About 10,000 of them have died of the disease. Provincial officials silenced activists who initially sounded the alarm, meaning that most of the infected were exposed unnecessarily.

Li Changchun and Li Keqiang were almost certainly involved in this corrupt scheme and its subsequent cover-up. Not only were they never punished for their crimes but Li Changchun is:

…currently head of the Communist Party’s propaganda apparatus

while Li Keqiang

…is expected to replace Wen Jiabao as the nation’s premier in 2012

Li Changchun was recently in the news again. A document released by Wikileaks suggests that he was responsible for the hacking attack directed against Google after Googling himself and finding unflattering comments about himself (Wikipedia). Perhaps he didn’t like being held accountable for 100,000 HIV infections and 10,000 deaths. But no matter, he has the power to suppress any reports regarding his atrocities.

Crime does pay – in the Chinese government.

Given the well-documented and ongoing human rights abuses occurring as a direct result of the actions of the psychopaths in the Chinese government, one might think that the US would be doing everything it could to limit its influence. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Despite the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 and the HIV atrocity of the 1990s, the US government granted permanent normal trade relations to China in 1999. Why did the US government ignore flagrant human rights abuses to give favored trade status to China, which is run by Communist dictators? US multinationals, who supply much of the campaign money to US politicians, pressured US elected officials to vote in favor permanent normal trade relations for China (The Washington Monthly, December 1, 1996; The Economic Policy Institute, April 1, 2000; Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, 2010). The lobbying effort did not stop in 1999. The US has experienced massive job losses as a result of off-shoring to China. This is partially due to a lack of safety and environmental enforcement in China, but also is the result of massive currency manipulation on the part of the Chinese government.

Attempts to enforce more than token sanctions on China have been consistently defeated. In part, this appears to be due to an extremely well-funded PR campaign launched by private companies, business organisations and Think Tanks. Although these groups argue that they are philosophically opposed to any restriction of Free Trade, this argument is specious because the Chinese government manipulates both its currency and its economy with a frankly mercantilist intent. The real reason the various lobbyists and influence leaders argue against restricting trade with China is because they are making vast sums of money as a result of this trade, in my opinion.

The alliance between the psychopaths in the Chinese government and the psychopaths in the Multinationals has already damaged the US economy severely. But the worst may be yet to come. Their are strong hints that the Chinese government is planning on committing crimes on a scale that has never been seen before. This will be the subject of the next blog in this series.


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