Maragert Chan’s plan to kill the pandemic flu vaccine campaign in the US

The pandemic H1N1 virus is starting to pick up speed in Asia. People are dying and large numbers of children have become ill in New Zealand. The number of deaths in India seems to increase every day. And a hitherto unseen large scale outbreak among adults has just occurred in Thailand.

In the US, schools will start to resume after the summer vacation within the next couple of weeks. Plans to start vaccinations are under way. Vaccination this year might start as soon as September. But now, the US vaccination program is in jeopardy. Apparently, Margaret Chan, Director-General of the WHO, wants to kill it.

Getting people vaccinated for flu in the US is not easy. There is a powerful anti-vaccine lobby with well-known celebrity proponents and unlimited access to the media via outlets like the Huffington Post and Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. Even when children were dying on a daily basis from the virus last year, some parents refused to vaccinate their children because of concerns, mostly unfounded, raised by anti-science media personalities.

Although some anti-vaccine activists have accused the WHO of hyping the  pandemic to aid the vaccine companies, nothing could be further from the truth. Margaret Chan delayed the vaccine production process last year long enough such that the big wave in North America occurred before most people could get vaccinated. She has repeatedly undermined the vaccine program by calling the virus “mild”, a flat out lie. Drs. Sandman and Lanard “criticised” the WHO for over-reacting to a “mild” virus. But who do you think pays them? The WHO. Margaret Chan is the anti-vaccine group’s most reliable ally.

There are media reports suggesting that Margaret Chan plans to declare the pandemic over today. There is zero scientific justification for such an assessment. This announcement will have no beneficial effects; but it will do one thing: It will make it very difficult to encourage people to get vaccinated in the US.

Margaret Chan couldn’t kill more people if she tried. But perhaps that is because she is trying.


5 thoughts on “Maragert Chan’s plan to kill the pandemic flu vaccine campaign in the US

    1. Yes, anon, that really does bring up an interesting question – are Sandman/Lanard the chicken or the egg?

      This is, after all, the same team that urged pandemic awareness to be placed on “the back burner.”

      “The Sandman/Lanard Approach to PR Spin –
      Putting the pandemic “on the back burner for the majority of Americans” ”

      Who fanned the flames of the “fake pandemic” meme? Fewer than a handful of even remotely credible people worldwide have accepted that thesis. Bet you can’t count beyond five individuals, anywhere. And yet somehow someone well connected with media seems to have been successful in getting the “Fake Pandemic” meme picked up and run worldwide. Oh, and most folks have noticed that “WHO’s Crediblity Nosedives” portion of the exercise also.

      But who began, and then gave legs to, that “Fake Pandemic” meme? WHO? Who then so coyly defended against it, yet pointed out that the result was that “WHO’s Crediblity Nosedives”? WHO?

      If those presently in control of the WHO wanted to destroy the agency for their own purposes, would they hire “risk communicators” to assist in that effort? I don’t know, but I think it’s possible to think they would. Margaret Chan herself said yesterday that:

      “Instead of excruciating medical dilemmas, this pandemic posed tough communications issues, Chan suggests.”

      It was all about “communication issues” for Chan. WHO is no longer a medical and health body, it’s a “risk communications” arm of the People’s Republic of China. My translation of “risk communications” is “effective propaganda.” What’s yours, anon?

      Who started, who promoted, the “Fake Pandemic” meme? WHO started, WHO promoted, the “Fake Pandemic” meme, I would hold. Certain “risk communicators” ran with it.

      WHO under Margaret Chan’s control endangers the world’s health. Any who assist her need to think first before they cash that paycheck.

  1. anon, we should put the term “criticism” in quotes, right? After all, Sandman and Lanard have been paid by the WHO, presumably after being hired by Dr. Chan. btw, I agree that WHO credibility has nose-dived. Further, I would suggest that Dr. Chan is deliberately undermining it. Since she has paid Sandman and Lanard, perhaps they are part of her “Destroy the WHO” team. As I’ve argued before, Chan wants people to criticise her for over-reacting to the pandemic. That provides cover against charges that she, in fact, under-reacted and killed people as a result. The WHO is an instrument for DG Chan and her sponsors in Beijing. She uses it for evil, but that doesn’t mean she wants it to survive after she is done with it.


    Chan kills the WHO? for more.

  2. I haven’t checked your blog in a long time – usually read the articles on PFI. But figured I’d check in today, and I’m glad I did. One problem people have with seeing Evil with a capital E is that most people aren’t really Evil. Dumb, maybe, or ill-informed, or maybe not purely virtuous – but not that many are truly evil.

    So they just can’t imagine that there are indeed truly Evil people in the world. It’s beyond their ken. It’s all about choice, and the more a person chooses Evil, the easier it becomes.

    I think you have Chan pegged and those assisting her pegged quite accurately.

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