La Valse des monstres

Recent headlines remind us that H5N1 has not disappeared. It continues to infect and kill people. In Africa, five new cases in Egypt were reported to the WHO this month. In Asia, cases have been reported in Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia within the last few months. China hasn’t reported any human H5N1 cases since January 2009 and no animal cases since June 2009. This, of course, is not credible. The H5N1 cases in Vietnam and Cambodia are likely spill over from China.

It is worth remembering that the case fatality rate for H5N1 ranges from 40-80%.

H1N1 continues its slow burn across the globe. Outbreaks and deaths are reported in Hong Kong with some regularity, likely indicating a significant level of unreported activity in mainland China.

We know that H5N1 can exchange genetic material with other flu viruses, in the laboratory, and produce offspring even more dangerous than their parents. But will H5N1 and H1N1 meet in the wild (or a dark lab) and produce a highly lethal, highly infectious virus that is unleashed on an oblivious public?

H5N1 and H1N1.

Two monsters dancing alone in the dark.


2 thoughts on “La Valse des monstres

  1. Yet the same, “keep the public in the dark” and
    “keep communities Unprepared to cope during a Killer Flu Year (or two)”
    policies are in place –
    with (except for the ones who suddenly ‘retired for personal reasons’)
    the same, “leaders” who could have mobilized society/’the free world’ since
    back in 2005
    – bet the powers that be could even have told the public Before the netizen ‘flu’ sites started going up; if there’d been any political will/ethics.

    (Looking at early 2001, “Dark Winter” “virulent biological attack” exercise, govt should have called for a Culture of Preparedness even before 9/11; and started on being able to meet all our Critical Needs domestically, and, be able to do local, or, at least county-level, high-throughput lab tests.)

    It’s worth remembering the, ‘untreated with effective antivirals in time’ H5N1 fatality rate seems to remain 100% in humans.

    Pity the public had to try and keep stock profits up without any Mitigation of H1N1, but, that won’t work with anything worse (even last autumn, most places only didn’t crash because H1N1 cases slowed a week or two before hospitals would have been knocked back a few decades).

    The public -who runs the critical infrastructure that makes the elite’s lifestyle possible- is oblivious
    by their ‘elected’ and appointed “leaders” choice.

    “La Plaisanterie” will be on who, in the end?

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