Mystery virus causing pneumonia in Syndey

There is a report today of an infectious disease which is causing widespread illness in Sydney, Australia. From The Daily Telegraph, March 15, 2010:

SYDNEYSIDERS are being hit by a virus that is not only taking down people but also hospital staff.

It is an unseasonal virus, not the swine flu, that is really nasty and the emergency department has been flooded by people coming in sick with it.

It has caused some people, even young ones, to get pneumonia.

This is not the right time of the year but it is amazing how it is spreading. It seems to be attacking the head so people feel like they are getting the flu.

They will have a nasty cough and we are seeing a lot of sore throats and infections that are so severe we have to admit people.

Some patients have had throats so swollen they can’t swallow or breath properly and even their neck is swollen.

Although the report suggests that the virus is not swine flu, it is not clear that this statement is based on testing. Further details on the pathogen causing this illness would be usefiul.


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