Over 3,100 dead Americans

Over 3,100 people have died in the US from pandemic H1N1. This is likely a gross underestimate as it only includes people with laboratory-confirmed H1N1. The willingness of States to report their deaths varies greatly. For example, Ohio does not report most of its adult deaths.

From The Daily Standard, February 4, 2010

Ohio Department of Health spokeswoman Jen House said the state has confirmed 51 deaths from H1N1. However, most of those represent deaths of children because health officials are not required to report adult deaths from H1N1, she said.

Unlike seasonal flu, the vast majority of deaths due to H1N1 have been in people under the age of 65, many of them children.

Looking only at reported, confirmed H1N1 deaths, the current number indicates that at least 1 in every 100,000 Americans has already died of pandemic influenza.

Although few cases have been reported in the media in recent months, department of health releases from the States paint a different picture. Many deaths have been reported in the last two weeks.

This isn’t over.


One thought on “Over 3,100 dead Americans

  1. It’s been more than the 9/11 deaths – yet politicians identified those people’s names, but Panflu victims are hidden or denied,

    politicians stood with the 9/11 next-of-kin, since govt found it politically advantageous (and wanted an excuse to invade Iraq) and, the public others donated money to help those 9/11-impacted families,

    yet govt leaves UnMitigated, Censored PanFlu –
    a “sneaky” (Chan; China’s tool at the WHO)
    “Where the hell did it get all these genes?” (Dr.Webster, career influenza scientist)
    We need to know; did this come from a lab?
    (retired Lt.General Honoré)
    virus –

    leaves victims of this HHS-declared National Public Health Emergency,
    most of whom did not even get diagnosed as likely Panflu,
    nor given Antivirals ASAP if they were –
    (by doctors who, if they really ‘didn’t know any better’ are too stupid to be being allowed to practice medicine)

    and/or their next of kin, struggling alone with impacts of job losses, unpayably-high medical bills, losses of mothers of young children or fathers,
    and, some panflu survivors suffering sequelae that require expensive months of rehab, (a couple of cases had their feet or fingers cut off) some never having the lungs to work again.

    By Oct. 2009, 41% of the confirmed deaths were in ages 25 to 49; what a blow to our nation and our critical infrastructure workers, and our future;
    90% of Panflu deaths under age 65
    – nothing like a “flu season”; cases without a stop from Outbreak to present, and more viral mutations all the time.

    This is the biggest, and worst, Coverup in US History.

    We don’t even live in a world where natural viruses and actions are the only thing, “leaders” and peoples have to cope with anymore.
    There is only one govt that stands to benefit from using a high-CFR Panflu as a weapon,
    and despite the long list of excellent reasons to oppose that regime,
    as little is being done to hinder their strategic goals
    as has been done to protect Americans against
    PanFlu 1.0, it more virulent mutations, 2010 strains (nor against H5N1).

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