What’s up with England?

The United Kingdom includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The last three all report their deaths to the media. In stark contrast, England rarely announces its deaths to the public. This is odd because the vast majority of the deaths in the UK have occurred in England.

Within the last few days, a large number of deaths have been reported to the European CDC from the UK. Since these deaths have not been reported for Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, they are likely from England. It is disconcerting that 45 people have died of pandemic flu in England within the past few days, but there is not one word of it in the media.

There is no report of these deaths at the Department of Health.

Would someone please ring up Professor Sir Liam Donaldson and ask him what is going on?


5 thoughts on “What’s up with England?

  1. No News is bad Panflu news:

    and, look at this tweet:

    (London) pollycurtis : “Government is suspending its weekly swine flu briefings
    due to lack of new information
    – that crisis over then…”
    (posted 4 minutes ago)

    (Polly obviously hasn’t heard about those 45 recent English panflu deaths.)

  2. Wow, cr, this is amazing. The English PH establishment has apparently decided to hide their large numbers of deaths from the public.

  3. And, “hide” deaths in such a way that is so easily refuted:
    just subtract the reports from N.I., Wales, & Scotland from the EU’s UK panflu death figures.

    Hindsight is 20/20
    (sorry I can’t say that in metric off the top of my head)
    – have nations really made their public, “too stupid” to fear notice,
    or do none of these officals plan to be around when the lights go on later ??

    “I was only following orders”
    has gone out of fashion as an acceptable excuse, certainly a bereaved or damaged public isn’t going to accept that one.

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