Did pandemic H1N1 come from Asia?

It is well-established that influenza evolves primarily in Asia. This is thought to be due to the very dense population of humans living in close proximity to birds, which are the animal reservoir for flu viruses. Every year, newly evolved flu strains leave Asia on planes in their human carriers on their way to North America and Europe. Thus, it was surprising when H1N1 appeared first in Mexico, and then in the United States and Canada. Further, although initially termed “swine flu”, the sequences of the new H1N1 do not closely match any flu virus from swine. Indeed, these sequences are not good matches for any other known viral strain. Despite intense detective work, the “smoking pig”, an animal with a virus that would be a good match for the pandemic virus, has not been found. Although some imaginative theoretical reconstructions of the possible pedigree of pandemic H1N1 have been offered, none of these are particularly convincing without the “missing link” sequences.

So, where did the new H1N1 come from?

Dr. Frederick Leung Chi-ching, of Hong Kong University has an idea. From The Standard, October 13, 2009 [hat-tip, Pixie]:

“The initial patients of H1N1 had no recent exposure to swine and the current surveillance data does not support the circulation of human H1N1 in North American pigs,” he said.

He said it is possible the new strain had been transmitted to North America through “a human carrier” from Asia.

He said Asia and certain parts of the world could be “a missing link” in the evolution of the pandemic.

Naturally, the WHO is doubtful.

Me, I think Dr. Leung may be on to something.


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4 thoughts on “Did pandemic H1N1 come from Asia?

  1. Well, maybe. Do you have any data or analysis to support your suggestion? Or are you just repeating an internet rumor?

  2. Check this out: http://3.ly/j6K It is not a secret anymore that the H1N1 Swine flu virus originated from a petri dish. In fact the patent for the H1N1 Swine Flu was found, patented in 2002. This is the news mainstream media is afraid to report!

    Novartis engineered it; Baxter distributed it in the Avian Flu Vaccine shipped to 18 countries. This news was first reported via India media and subsequently via Reuters.

    There’s a logical explaination also. It is just NOT possible for a European pig to visit USA to infect a Northern American bird before the bird visits an Asian pig and then fly back to infect the European pig again (all within days) and then somehow pass the virus to Mexico. (Migatory birds stay put in warmer countries for months before flying back to USA/Europe.)

    Perhaps Dr. Frederick Leung Chi-ching should check into the origins of the Hand, Foot and Mouth disease and SARS as well. Both these are genetically modified in science labs. I would love to know what his research has found.

  3. kelly, I don’t subscribe to anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. The story you put together above is a mishmash of fact and fiction. There are legitimate concerns about quality controls, especially at Baxter, and possible adverse affects. However, it should be obvious that this pandemic did not start with vaccines. The first cases were *not* reported after vaccination.

    I intend to be vaccinated as soon as possible. The risk from the virus is far, far greater than any risk from the vaccine, imo.

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