Pandemic Update – August 30, 2009

There have been over 3,000 deaths due to the new H1N1 virus.

Brazil has now overtaken the US in the number of deaths. 602 deaths have been reported in Brazil, while 555 have been reported in the US. There are reports that the number of cases have been decreasing in South America. With schools opening in North America, it is likely there will be a surge in cases there, soon. There have already been anecdotal reports of severe pneumonia and deaths among children in the US. Some have been verified as due to the new H1N1 virus and some are still being tested.

In Australia and New Zealand, it is still not clear what has been happening in ICUs. Has care been rationed? How many people have died as a result of insufficient resources? We still don’t know. There have been reports of an unusual number of very severe flu cases in both countries.

In Asia, the focus continues to be on India. There are now at least 100 deaths. More and more cities are reporting cases and deaths. Bangladesh has just reported its first death. Japan now reports seven deaths. Mainland China and Indonesia are likely under-reporting their cases and deaths.

In the African region, Mauritius has been the hardest hit with 40 deaths. South Africa now reports 2o cases. Ghana reports two deaths.

The number of deaths reported in the Middle East have been increasing recently. Israel now reports 18 deaths, a large number given the size of the country. Saudi Arabia reports 19 deaths.  Syria and the United Arab Emirates each report two deaths.

12 countries now report Tamiflu-resistant strains of the new H1N1 virus.


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