Pandemic Update – August 16, 2009

There have been over 2,200 deaths due to the new H1N1 virus.

There have been at least 478 deaths in the United States. California continues to report the most deaths (106). However, some states do not appear to be reporting their deaths. Further, the CDC no longer reports state-by-state deaths, so it is increasingly difficult to determine where the most deaths are occurring in the US. School has started in some areas and early reports indicate that the virus is already beginning to spread in them.

The number of cases and deaths appears to be increasing again in Mexico.

In South America, the cases and deaths continue to increase. Argentina has reported over 400 deaths. Other deaths are still under review. Over 277 deaths have been reported in Brazil.

In Australia, there are over 100 deaths. Complaints about the quality of care given patients are increasing.

In Asia, Japan and South Korea have reported their first cases. India has now reported 29 deaths, including a doctor. Over 60 people have died in Malaysia. Dr. Nidom, a respected flu scientist in Indonesia, has again warned against the possibility of H5N1 and H1N1 co-infecting patients and possibly creating a new “hybrid” virus that would be both highly infectious and highly lethal.

In Africa, the virus has now spread to 20 countries. Deaths have been reported in Egypt (1), Ghana (1), and South Africa (6). The South African deaths include two pregnant women and a paramedic. The number of cases in South Africa appear to be rising quickly, now over 2,800.

Additional Tamiflu-resistant isolates of the new H1N1 continue to be identified.


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