It’s good to be the King

In the History of the World, Part I, Mel Brooks plays many historical roles, including King Louis XVI. In one scene, he is skeet shooting… peasants. While enjoying his many privileges he often comments “It’s good to be the King.”

We don’t have too many Kings with real power today, but we do have people with special privileges. I first wrote about one special privilege executives planned to enjoy during the pandemic back in June 2007, Safe Havens for Top Executives – But Not for Us. That blog described the special bunkers recommended for the Captains of Industry – but not the workers – by CIDRAP Business.

Now that the pandemic has started, executives are not content with their bunkers. They want vaccine, and they don’t want to wait for it.

From the Financial Times, August 13, 2009 [hat-tip, Pixie at PFI_Forum]

Law firms and other businesses are seeking to jump the queue ahead of pregnant women and other vulnerable groups by mass vaccinating their staff against swine flu.

“Law firms especially are already asking for vaccinations. They cannot afford to have a lot of people off sick,” according to one private doctor who did not wish to be named.

Woman and children, first?

Not on this lifeboat.


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