Pandemic Update – August 9, 2009

There have been at least 1,756 deaths due to the new H1N1 virus.

There have been at least 437 deaths in the United States. 95 of these have been in California, including a nurse. However, New York City is no longer reporting their deaths, so the total number dead in New York State is not known. The number of cases and deaths (43) appear to be rising rapidly in Florida. The US is now only reporting the total number of deaths. State by state numbers and the number infected in the US is no longer released to the public.The CDC is strongly supporting opening schools despite expecting the virus to spread rapidly within classrooms.

Cases and deaths are increasing in Mexico, Central American countries and the Caribbean.

South America continues to the continent most severely affected by the pandemic. There are now over 300 dead in Argentina. It is likely that this number will rise to over 700 this week after lab tests are completed on other patients. Over 100 are dead in Chile. More than 100 are dead in Brazil, where the number of cases and deaths have been rising rapidly. 40 are dead in Peru.

Hospitals in Cairns, Australia continue to struggle. ICUs are full and are re-directing patients to hospitals in other cities.

In Asia, Thailand has reported the most dead (81). In Malaysia, there have been 26 deaths. In Indonesia there have been 5 deaths. Indonesia is of particular concern as there appear to be hospitals that contain both H5N1 and the new H1N1 patients. Photographs indicate patients overflowing into the corridors. There have been 5 deaths in India. The number of cases is increasing. Hospitals are flooding with the worried well. The number of people in ICUs is also rising rapidly.

In the Middle East, deaths have been reported in Saudi Arabia (7), Israel (5), Egypt (1), Lebanon (1), and Qatar (1). There is considerable concern about the possibility of spread of the virus during the Haj.

In Europe, the number of cases has increased greatly in the past 2 weeks. The UK has by far the most deaths (42) and over 12,000 cases of infection. Spain has 8 deaths, but only 1,806 reported cases. Germany now has reported over 9,000 cases of infection, but no deaths. Deaths have been reported in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Hungary.

More Tamiflu-resistant isolates of the new H1N1 have been found in multiple locations.


2 thoughts on “Pandemic Update – August 9, 2009

  1. Why this is spreading(pandemic) in these areas, as indicated above, only???!! why not much reports/deaths in countries like Russia, China,(last one 18th july as per wkipidia) Afganistan etc….. i mean these areas?? Is there any possibility of ambient condition/weather has any role to play in spreading of virus(?) as compared to these areas??

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