Mutual of Bali’s Wild Kingdom

From NewstalkZB:

A New Zealand tourist was chased down and sedated by Indonesian officials in Bali after he tried to escape swine flu quarantine.

The 40-year-old jumped a two-metre wall surrounding Denpasar Hospital before he was recaptured by officials.

You know, when I was reading this, the image that went through my mind was of a tourist jumping over a fence and being chased by guys in safari suits with a dart gun. Marlin Perkins, may he rest in peace, would have done the voice over.

“While I wait in this comfortable 5 star hotel,  Jim is chasing the elusive, but highly dangerous Kiwi, through the streets of Denpasar. Looks like he’s got the Kiwi cornered. Of course, that’s when they’re most dangerous. He’s only got one shot with the tranquilizer gun. Uh, oh, the Kiwi’s charging Jim!”

[Break for commercial]

“Shoot, Jim, shoot!”

The Kiwi is darted just in time. He’s put on a stretcher, his tongue hanging loosely out of his mouth.

“Well, that was certainly a close call. The Kiwi is now receiving the best veterinary, er, I mean, medical care that Bali has to offer. He’ll be released back into his home territory after he’s recovered.”

Tune in next week when Jim must confront an entire herd, er, group, of Aussie tourists in downtown Jakarta!


One thought on “Mutual of Bali’s Wild Kingdom

  1. It’d be funny (I can hear Marlin Perkins now) if it wasn’t real,
    and, if H5N1 “birds, mammals, including people flu” wasn’t still the virus of the week every week in Indonesia…

    That 95% of H1N1 victims ‘recover on their own’ isn’t as reassurring as Indonesian officials think:
    that’s twices as bad as Spanish Flu!

    Pity the travelling public hasn’t heard the particulars of the, since July, 2006,
    US State Dept strand-for-pandemic, no food, water, nor medical care at US embassies

    Barefoot Jim… But, not really a ‘life insurance’ scenario, this time, Mr.Perkins…

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