Muggle Murder – Swine Flu at the Theater

If  Lord Voldemort wanted to wipe out the Muggles, how would he do it? I mean without all the magical hocus pocus? Well, perhaps he would create a killer virus. However, he’d have to make sure it spread to as many people as possible. Since the deadly nature of the virus would soon be known and people would naturally avoid crowded places where they would most likely get it, he’d have to find a way to induce them into the theaters against their better judgment. How could he accomplish that?  Oh, I know, make a movie that people cannot resist seeing. Even more diabolical, give a cast member a “mild” version of the virus. That way, everyone who was worried about swine flu would find what amounts to an advertisement for the movie. Brilliant.

I’m not saying I know for a fact that Lord Voldemort is behind swine flu and the ad campaign for the newest Harry Potter movie. I’m just sayin’


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